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Resumes Do Not Get the Job

Even if a resume captures an employer’s attention, the outcome of the interview will be the deciding factor to determine if the candidate will get the offer or not.

Drive your own bus

Own Your Goals

If you have felt powerless over your work, career or life in general, it might be time for you to look long and hard at your goals and how you approach them. Creating your own personal and professional goals, and establishing a process for accomplishing them, protects you from going completely into a ditch when you hit an icy patch in the road. Learn how:

New Year and a New Plan

If the thought of leaving your current position has crossed your mind, take control of the process and make it a move that counts. Avoid a knee-jerk reaction to apply for a posted position that catches your eye and start the year fresh with a solid plan for making a strategic change that steers you toward your ideal situation rather than yet another dead end. Learn more..

Taking Advantage of an Improving Economy

It’s important to stay focused and build a strategy for optimizing conditions during these improving economic times. The upswing in the economy/job market doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about planning..

Job Seekers: Self-Sabotage

Years ago I came up with a list of self-defeating behaviors that can sabotage efforts to becoming employed. A colleague’s advice was to flip all of my statements into desired behaviors or proposed actions...

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick, Jack, jump over The candlestick. Jack jumped high Jack jumped low Jack jumped over and burned his toe. Although there are probably not many candlesticks to be jumped...