New Year and a New Plan

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  1. craig wright says:

    What if there is no ‘dream job’? I’ve never been able to think of any job that I’d really like to do. So I just make do with the job I seem to be good at.

  2. Hi Craig,
    Your experience is shared by many (me included). There was no “dream job” waiting for me, so I created it by starting a business doing what I love. In fact, people have said I am also very good at it. 🙂 It’s very possible to find “work” that is all we want it to be, but it may not be offered with a title and salary attached. The cost of creating a way to earn income that pleases me has been time and discipline.Sometimes we simply have to look outside of the box and go after things in a different way.

  3. Ken says:

    Craig, do you have any interests where you like to spend time on it without getting paid? If you do, keep your eyes open, you might find something that you enjoy doing and someone is willing to pay you to do it.
    I like solving puzzles, the computer industry is all about problems that need to be fixed. Turns out it is all just one big puzzle. It may just take changing your viewpoint on what you are doing, that you are good at.

    Then again, I was good at working in a cannery, but I sure wouldn’t be happy as a cannery worker now.

  4. Neil Mann says:

    Clarifying your interests can also take time. It helps to have assistance. I found the Goal Setting and Career Assessment sem(web)inars offered by Resource Maximizer to be very helpful to me in getting clear about what is important for me.

  5. Evan Milton says:

    I like my job. However I am being under paid for my skill set. What steps can I take to change this?

  6. Hi Evan,
    Hopefully you have been keeping track of everything you have contributed to the company and have research current market rates to come to the conclusion you are being underpaid. Recently I helped a client negotiate a 25% rate increase. Originally she was going to ask for a 3% raise without having done any preparation. Instead, we prepared documentation that included all of her accomplishments over the past year and created a business case based on the current market compensation range for her role. Going forward, setting clearly defined goals with a supervisor to have a “target” of what is expected will help establish a benchmark of achievement to base the next increase on. All of this process is covered in my Negotiating Compensation Webinar coming up Tuesday, February 4.
    Best regards,

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