• Do you feel lost in your job search or stuck in your career?
  • Are you falling short of your potential at work?
  • Is it taking forever to reach your goals?

When people need help identifying the right career move and landing the ideal role, they find what they need with Sherri Edwards of Resource Maximizer. Customized coaching and personal attention will get your efforts on track and put you on a solid path to set and attain your career goals.

Job hunting is not an easy task. It can be time consuming, frustrating, and if you do not use the right techniques or tools, it can be unsuccessful. Whether you are unsure how to begin your search, market your skills, or present yourself in the best light during an interview, Sherri Edwards can help you land the job you are looking for.

Get the INSIDE scoop, use the RIGHT techniques
Whether you are currently out of work or considering a job change, Sherri will provide you with techniques that work. She works just as closely with employers as she does with individuals, so Sherri has an inside view of things that are most important to the hiring companies. And, as quickly as things in the job market change, Sherri’s vantage point will keep you in-the-know and able to react accordingly.

Sherri’s approach and dedication

For Sherri, Resource Maximizer is not just a company name; it is a nonstop endeavor of hers. Sherri works tirelessly to maximize her clients’ skills (resources) to help them succeed out in the wilds of the open job market. She starts by helping to identify inherent talents, then looks strategically at expanding existing skills and developing new ones. With a foundation of skills and talents in place, she helps people develop their job search and career development plans and formulate the tactical steps to take. Most striking about Sherri is her ability to keep focused on the individual’s goals and the realities of the marketplace when executing a job search or career development strategy.

In addition to this strategic approach, Sherri is a partner and motivator in her clients’ lives. She will keep you focused on the highest and best use of your time and energy when your tendency may be to get overwhelmed with unproductive distractions. In fact, she has helped her clients traverse some of life’s difficult complications while maintaining their heightened focus on their job search.

Through this approach and her devotion, she is frequently credited by her clients as the single most important reason for their success in landing the perfect job, at the right time, in the right place.

Learn how to become more competitive in a tight job market by:

  • Increasing your confidence
  • Refining your presentation skills
  • Marketing yourself effectively
  • Establishing career-building contacts
  • Improving your personal image

Services Include:

  • Job search strategy development
  • Career development planning
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters, thank you letters and other correspondence

Coaching on:

  • Interviews preparation and debriefing
  • Negotiating new offers or increases
  • Networking group activities
  • Performance improvement
  • Strategies for overcoming work related conflicts

Responsive to your needs

Managing a job search is very demanding work, often requiring attention to needs that can change in a heartbeat. Immediate attention is required both by the individual and your career coach. Sherri Edwards understands this and is responsive to those changing circumstances. She makes herself available beyond typical office hours for immediate needs and is glad to make appointments for consultations during evenings and weekends by appointment.

Affordable Services

During your job search, income is hard to come by, so Resource Maximizer makes these important services available at affordable rates. Sherri also offers intimate, hands-on Career Transition Workshops and Webinars for small groups to supplement your customized coaching sessions.

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