Networking Group

“I truly appreciate all of the support and encouragement the group has provided me. When I started looking, I had not done anything to maintain a network or keep my resume and interviewing skills up to date in 12 years. Those first steps were certainly scary. But I can’t thank Sherri and the group enough for everything. It’s amazing how things can change in a few short months.”

Your desire to work with regular folks is a blessingNetworking is widely known as the single most effective way to find the best jobs and the one that is right for you. Resource Maximizer teaches you how to network for this purpose, and as Sherri’s client, you will be eligible to join the Resource Maximizer Networking Group, which has been meeting since November 2001. Clients who have regularly attended meetings, have consistently proven to be the most successful in capturing work and achieving their employment goals.

In addition to Sherri’s facilitation, the Networking Group meetings allow time for casual networking, with the majority of the discussion devoted to job leads, company and industry information, search techniques, informational interview techniques and improving interviewing skills.

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Members freely help one another during and outside of networking meetings. Sherri’s expertise and direction supplement the group’s efforts. In addition to a spirit of caring and sharing with one another, career oriented topics give focus to each meeting time.

Here is the group’s mission statement:

We are a structured, active career and professional development network consisting of diverse, caring professionals who can offer mutual support and encouragement through the sharing of ideas, successes, and challenges, including connections to different industries and/or the identification and exchange of resources and leads. Members can expect to develop and demonstrate accountability, professional courtesy and follow-through; build communication skills; and have fun and build friendships.

The group includes approximately 60 participants from all industries, of all ages, and with average meeting attendance of 15-25 members. Most are employed, some unemployed and some are in transition.

Most members have attended one or more of Sherri’s workshops, which allows everyone to build from the skills they learn in the workshops

Each member completes an information form, called a Data Sheet, which shares information about them to expedite getting to know one another. It contains contact information, what the member needs help with, how they can help others, and what their ideal job target is. In between meetings, these Data Sheets are invaluable tools to help members communicate relevant information regarding mutual interests or goals.

Hearing about positive results from group efforts is a regular occurrence for the Networking Group. Here are comments from people about their experience with Sherri and the Networking Group.

“You have found just the right blend of interaction, instruction, and independence that works for most of the people in the group. I personally found looking for a job lonely, uncomfortable and discouraging. I felt I was in the dark about the process. Being a part of the group allows all the complications to make sense.”

“Thanks again so very much Sherri…for everything. Without this group, I really think I would have sunk into a major depression!?”

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