Resumes Do Not Get the Job

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3 Responses

  1. Karen Anderson says:

    Well said Sherri!

  2. eva grzelak says:

    I took note of your interesting article. I am qualified and am ready to get back to work after a 10 year absence. I’m qualified and look OK but I have become physically disabled. I walk — barely — with a cane. I’m scared of interviews — I’m 63, female and disabled. Now what??

  3. Hello Eva,
    This is actually a much longer conversation. A strategy and a plan are needed to return to work. Identifying the best fit regarding the type of work and the right employer is all part of the equation.Several of my other blogs address the various components of this process. The interview will fall into place much further down the line. Typically 1:1 consulting is the best way to address this for people returning to work after a long absence, since there are so many variables involved (relevance of past experience, your current skills, geographic location, the competitive market conditions in your area) and everyone’s circumstances are different. If you are interested in assistance of this kind, please reach out to me directly via email:

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