Unbeatable Interviewing Techniques

Interactive Webinar

2.5-3 hours, intimate interactive webinar
$389 per person
(group rates available)

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You did your homework well. Your resume captured an employer’s attention and the company wants to interview you! Now what? Are you ready for the interview or does the idea increase your anxiety? You can be confident, relaxed, alert, and prepared for your next interview. Prime yourself for victory! Learn how to:

  • Give positive responses to frequently asked interview questions.
  • Prepare your answer to “tell me about yourself?”
  • Overcome concerns about your background.
  • Weave the threads of your career together so they make sense to the employer.
  • Gain control of the interview process.
  • Get the offer!

This webinar is most effective after attending the Career Assessment, Basic Networking, and Resume Building webinars to ensure you have built a solid foundation.