Tricks for Tailoring Resumes & Writing Effective Cover Letters

Interactive Webinar

3-hour, intimate interactive webinar
$389 per person
(group rates available)

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Are you perplexed about “key words” and what they mean in each job description? Have you spent hours wrestling with what to say in a cover letter? Do you send out resumes without getting responses and wonder what isn’t working? Do you get called in for an interview but hit a dead end after the first round? Wonder what employers are really looking for?

You don’t need to be a creative wizard or English major to write a compelling cover letter. Trade in those hours of agony and take the mystery out of your job search.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Interpret job announcements and understand employers’ needs.
  • Identify and apply key words.
  • Increase your competitive position by catching the nuances in postings and job announcements.
  • Recognize unwritten requirements and deal breakers.
  • Use your resume as the first step in preparing for an interview.
  • Take logical steps to convey value.
  • Write cover letters that quickly convey value and get results.
  • Quickly capture the essence of what employers want to know.