Sometimes you need to step back to get ahead

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5 Responses

  1. Ingrid Durenberger says:

    Thanks Sherri for this excellent article. I have seen how true these concepts are when interviewing for my new position and how well taking your advice worked for me.

  2. Casey says:

    Try being told you are over qualified when you graduate high school & that you are sill over qualified when you finish college with your degree. To an extent, I can see the high school claim, because they don’t want to have to train a new person in 90 to 120 days when you leave for college. But I can’t see the same claim when you apply & indicate that you will stay & are a new member of the community. Sitting in an employment office is not comfortable when the agency is using you to show they are busy getting people jobs & you are only one of the reasons they can show that thy are working hard (but you don’t feel that that person is working at all). You feel that you can’t wait all day at the agency office. You would actually feel better if you were on the street getting that interview.

  3. Akhtar Hussain says:

    Dear Sherri,

    Thank you for this valuable advice. I like your approach and this is probably the best article I have read in a long time.

    Thank you.

    ~ Akhtar

  4. Casey,
    The only thing we have control over is our own behavior. We can shoos to change our response to others or continue to complain. Publishing complaints to an open forum is only building an image that others will see and respond to.

    It would be my advice to change your approach.

  5. eva grzelak says:

    I like your approach.
    I am temporarily (I hope) disabled and HAVE to work from home.
    Most of the telecommute jobs are scams but finally I have found something a bit better than McDonalds. And yes, I am overqualified (I have an MA and an MBA) but I hope it allows me a foot in the door. I’m just trying not to be too bitter!