What Are Titles Good For?

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3 Responses

  1. Kevin G says:

    This is good information. It is very true. Titles do not say much in today’s world without getting more information about what is behind the title. I have seen this many times. There was a time when a title had a parameter around it, but not in today’s world.

  2. Chuck W says:

    You pointed out that ” even “skills” may read the same on two people’s resumes, but how they are manifested can be entirely different.” Exactly true! That’s why the IEEE Computer society is developing competency models to help computing professionals share a common language of “skills.”

  3. Sarah Wortman says:

    I think we are more obsessed with titles early in our careers (like we are with all the trappings of work life) than we are as we mature. It’s odd how many people are still either put off by them or develop expectations because of them. It probably doesn’t help that salary.com determines salary expectations based on them. Your post tells us how to be smarter than that. Thanks.