How Short Cuts Can Short Circuit Your Career Plan

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2 Responses

  1. Michael DAle says:

    It is time consuming, much more so that I would ever have anticipated in this new era of Job searches. I have not been at it a lot yet, but the logic is there. The part that I am having a difficult time with is getting inside an organization for a contact that it seems like no one is connected with, AND am having a difficult time making connections, for the initial informational interview. Any suggestions out there?

  2. Hi Michael,
    Just like the sales process for someone looking for contacts, it requires research.Your network on Linkedin may not visibly show a connection, but you can search for people through the Linkedin groups they may participate in, or connect to others in the group. Others in the group may be familiar with the company you are interested in. The key is spending time on the research every day, and slowly building your own network to allow you insight into more places.It does take a while to build the path- But the payoff is immense when you find an organization that is truly a great fit.