Key Actionable Items for Getting Back to Work: The Job Search Process

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2 Responses

  1. l sutton says:

    I have a Master Resume, I have several versions in fact, ready to send stressing my administrative side and others stressing my HR skills…

    you keep referring to “get help” but you don’t offer any direction where so any positive information about that would be great.

  2. Thanks for responding. There is not a “one size fits all” path, since everyone’s goals and circumstances are different. There are many links to “how to’s” about each component of the job search (resumes, interviewing, etc). It is why the blogs/articles I write, or others write, can only help enlighten job seekers to the notion that something different needs to happen.If you are not getting the results you desire, then working with a career coach to determine what might need to change in your approach is the “help” I am referring to. My work as a coach is to evaluate each person’s goals and circumstances carefully and advise them on what will likely get them the best results. This process is tailored to each person’s needs. I also provide cost effective workshops and webinars to supplement the 1:1 coaching offered by helping people dig into each component in a cost effective way. Please review my website for more information about these. I will also send you information about how I get started with clients in a direct email.

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