Leveraging Unsuccessful Interviews

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  1. Larry St Pierre says:

    Great and accurate advice, coming from my experiences as a senior recruiter for over 11 years, having worked as an corporate, agency and now independent recruiter and with many different clients and in many different industries.

    To make reconnecting with the company interviewer easier and more direct (not having to try through HR or receptionist who may be a gatekeeper), ask for a business card during the interview, as well as leaving your own, which normally gives direct phone numbers (work and cell). The added benefit for that business card is mailing address to send your handwritten thank you note, which may help set a good tone with that interviewer as they infrequently get them today. After my recent interview with Fluke, I wrote 4 thank you notes, including one for the receptionist, who was very helpful and chatty while I waited for my first interviewer to arrive. I delivered these to the receptionist the next day, so interview team would get while they were still interviewing other candidates that week and before they would tell me whether or not I was being given an offer. Receptionists and secretaries can be a wealth of info about the company and its environment. Some receptionists are even used by hiring folks to get a first impression (in one case I know, a verbal offer was rescinded based on a follow-on interaction between the candidate and front-desk receptionist who had been with the company for over 20 years and was highly regarded by the hiring manager and her whole team).

    All these items and actions will establish you as a sincere, caring and professional individual whom they will likely respond well to when you request advice on how you can better interview, as Sherri has so wonderfully, accurately and efficiently detailed above. Follow her advice and you will get a job. I have only the highest regard and respect for her as the BEST COACH and TRAINER I have ever known in my 40 years of working.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, Sherri! Great tips! I’ll be sure to forward this along to others.

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