Networking: Have you made it part of your job?

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2 Responses

  1. Larry St Pierre says:

    As usual, Sherri is right on here. As a recruiter for over 12 years and contractor for 6 of those, having and keeping relationships active are very important and add significantly to finding good job opportunities. As good example, when I interviewed for my current recruiting contract, the corporate recruiter and HR Director already knew my reputation and background, so my interview was more telling me about the company and its recruiting needs and not whether to hire me or not. I already had the job and just needed to say I was interested. Now that is the power of building and keeping active good relationships. Listen to and follow Sherri’s advice and you will find good jobs that fit your background and experience. I have known her for several years and her advice is always golden and right on. –Larry St Pierre, Senior Recruiter, who had worked in many industries and recruited for all types of technical and non-technical roles from receptionists to directors and vice presidents.

  2. Ingrid Durenberger says:

    I agree with Larry that Sherri is absolutely right here and teaches these techniques of targeted networking well in her group and workshops. Practicing her techniques gives me results!