Communicating for Results:In Person

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  1. Alexis says:

    Indeed, it is very important to follow the protocol in your dialogue with others, specially in an interview.

    I was told that if I am angry, and my answered was not. Like the rules of communications in this page. I did know when I got the subject at Seattle Central Community College and my intructor, Maryann Lyles in her communication class was focus in this problems: the noises, the body language the physical environment and other factors that alters or it is seen as an angry mood.

    My personal experience is that I was told, “lower your voice.” I am veryk emotional person and I show my emotion raising my voice, not because I am angry or have some problems with other. I think is natural on me. I am from South America and I was a Spanish instructor of grammar and literature and my voice probably was loud because we don’t use microphone or other tools in a classroom with the size of 50 students + in highschool. Now, I try not to talk loud and be aware that people are most sensitive to the loud sound that other make. In addition I know now that I am a “soprano.”