When Routines Replace Common Sense

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4 Responses

  1. Nancy Baker says:

    I just finished your article: When Routines Replace Common Sense. I agree completely with every single point. I just became unemployed last week following working for 18 months in a field which was my back up position to take but I took it then since I had been unemployed at that time for 10 months. I believed I was very organized then but in retrospect was probably not really clear about what I was really searching for and I was definitely not networking enough. I was changing fields last time but not to what I ended up taking. This time I am intent on finding something I truly want and making more effective use of my transferable skills. The question is how to become competitive or even to identify the industries where my 15 years of experience as a client coordinator in social services could be useful and marketable skills.
    I am already going for a few sessions of career counseling but I am looking at as many possible avenues as possible. Can you provide me any more ideas beyone the general comments in your article?

    Thank you,
    Nancy Baker

  2. Melinda says:

    I think common sense did exist at one time but it has become uncommon sense now. Perhaps we are becoming so dependent on finding answers outside ourselves in this modern environment with all of our technology that we just don’t think to be resourceful and take the initiative ourselves anymore.

    Recently my peers called me a “classic overachiever” but I just consider what I do to be status quo. Some people might think the minimum amount of necessary effort is enough but I know going above and beyond is worth it to do it right the first time.

    As a recent graduate I can say all the points in your article are spot-on. Volunteering, groups, networking and getting outside of the box has produced the best results for me. The opportunities didn’t come to me, I went after them and that’s what employers are looking for.

  3. Neil Mann says:

    Common Sense is like gold. What makes gold valuable is that it is relatively rare and extremely resilient. Common sense if valuable because it is not very common. However, once you develop your common senses, they help keep you resilient. To keep your common sense you need to practice it. I agree with your husband on this one, Common Sense is learned. I have had the good forture to learn some very important common senses by working with Sherri at Resource Maximizer, and keep them sharp by networking.

  4. Nancy,

    Thank you for your response.

    I certainly understand your situation! But before you can even begin to approach questions about becoming competitive or evaluating marketable skills, you must first set clear goals and create a plan for action so you can move forward in a meaningful way using networking as a primary strategy.

    Several of Sherri’s blog articles discuss these aspects:
    March 1, 2011: Key Actionable Items for Getting Back to Work
    April 1, 2010: Creating Opportunity
    February 1, 2012: Network Effectively to Reach Your Goals

    There is also a wealth of additional information on Sherri’s website along with many more blog articles that I invite you to explore.

    Ed Meadows
    Assistant to Sherri Edwards

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