Resiliency- How Do You Measure Up?

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3 Responses

  1. Dean F. Wolff says:

    Excellent blog!!!

    The best thing that I can do is take this blog to heart and do my best to keep doing exactly what this blog says!

    I am a general contractor specializing in small projects and handyman work – a small business owner.

    I have to do everything exactly like it says in this blog and have to do it as hard and smart as possible. This is something that is an every day fact of life for me. If I get lazy or complacent or just back off for any reason it’s going to hurt me – hard and fast!!! If I don’t have a plan – and backup plans in place, I could get hurt! I have to do whetever it takes to keep my edge, especially in today’s economy. I’ve slacked off a few times and it has bitten me! Hard! To keep doing what I have to do can be very hard – especially when I’m tired, discouraged, or burnt out. Believe me, this has happened! I don’t have the cushions that a lot of people have (unemployment insurance, spouse working,etc).

    I’ve also known quite a few people who choose to just sit there, feel sorry for themselves, blame somebody or something for what’s wrong in their lives, and are waiting for somebody to feel sorry for them, fix things for them, and give them exactly what they want. Oh, by the way, they believe that this what they deserve!

    In the past I’ve tried to help people sometimes that were doing this but all that it has gotten me was a lot of heartache and frustration! In the end it didn’t do me or anybody else any good! I’m doing my best to not being so soft hearted and soft headed.

    I believe that there are a lot of people out there who really need to read this blog and take it to heart! My advice to those people – No, you won’t admit it, you’ll just blame somebody or something for it and sit there feeling sorry for yourself – is:

    This can be tough!

    When something happens, it’s okay to feel hurt, angry, disappointed, frustrated, whatever. Deal with these feeling in a healthy way, do what it takes to get over them and move on! Don’t let these feelings control your life!

    you will make mistakes! If something happens because of a mistake that you made-own up to it and do your best to learn from it!

    If something doesn’t work, keep trying or try something else! The only time that you become a failure is when you give up!

    Probably one of the best things that I can think of was on a T-shirt that my bookkeeper and I saw:


  2. Sophie says:

    Very well put Sherri. This is a different market and I took hits that I wasn’t used to, and I needed to get over myself!! Thanks

  3. charla says:

    Good points, Sherri (as always). I also appreciate Dean’s reply — it’s always useful to get these reinforcements from someone who has labored in this market for a while — as I know Dean has. 🙂

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