Success! Job Search Efforts That Paid Off –

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4 Responses

  1. Anita says:

    Great news in times like these! Encouragement to keep persevering. Congratulations all!

  2. charla says:

    This is great (and encouraging) news — but we always knew your methods work. 🙂 Congrats all!

  3. Dan Johnson says:

    When I was unemployed and working with Sherri, the hard work I adopted was a mentality that NOTHING else mattered until I found a job. I worked extremely hard to stay connected to people, following commitments, and initiating stuff strategically.

    It required a lot of contact with Sherri, such that she could stay current on my activities and steer me along the way.

    The biggest and hardest thing for me was letting go of comforts found in orderly structure and routines. My job search needed to be nimble and responsive to opportunities that arose. So, I had to get comfortable with quite a bit of chaos, which is why Sherri is so important to my career success. Without her external vision into my activities, that chaos might blind me from making smart choices.

    Kudos to Sherri for keeping me focused, disciplined and motivated to keep on going despite the hard work and sacrifice I needed to make during my most recent search.

    Additionally, I have a lot of thanks to grant the many others who have helped me throughout, meaning my network of friends and colleagues, including many in Sherri’s networking group. Hip hip hurray!!

  4. charla says:

    I’m starting my second week at a 2-month Microsoft contract, and I want to say Sherri and her networking group are directly responsible for my getting back into the technical writing business 4 years ago. I didn’t quite know how to get started (or where to find the end of the ball of string.) Sherri’s seminars, her private assistance, and, especially, the support of the group, got me out of a large, bottomless hole. Thank you, all.