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Size does matter

Size Does Matter

Titles don’t necessarily reflect the same level of responsibility, nor do they mean the same thing across industries.

Communicating for Results:In Person

It’s important to communicate in a way that will ensure that the intent of your message is received. When preparing for a job interview (or an important business meeting), it is critical to be conscious of how all of these factors can distort the outcome if not planned out in advance.

Communicating for Results

Missed communications can turn into missed opportunities. If you have felt unheard or misunderstood and are still licking your wounds, let’s take a look at some things to consider about your contribution to any kind of miscommunication.

Job Seekers: Self-Sabotage

Years ago I came up with a list of self-defeating behaviors that can sabotage efforts to becoming employed. A colleague’s advice was to flip all of my statements into desired behaviors or proposed actions...

Stop Waiting for a Job and Go to Work!

An epiphany hit me recently after reading an article about the current status of job loss in Washington State. Reporting “no jobs” does not necessarily mean there is “no work available.” The term “jobless,”...

Beware of Red Flags from an Interviewer

Although a candidate may be extremely focused on their own behavior and speech, it is just as necessary to pay attention to what the interviewer discloses through conversation or body language throughout an interview....

Debriefing: Getting To the Bottom of Why Interviews Go South

Interviewing is tough business. A candidate is typically facing a complete stranger and has limited time to develop rapport, assess the environment, assimilate the conversation and interpret body language. Reading an interviewer is also...