Knowing when it is time to get help with your job search strategy

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  1. Janice Mehringer says:

    I was in a position of feeling stuck in an overly demanding role and would have greatly benefited if I had known about Resource Maximizer prior to an employment decision. Fortunately, I discovered Resource Maximizer shortly after my rather rash decision which enabled me to find more satisfying work. Lately I’ve been keeping a phrase from Winston Churchill in mind, “success is not final” which also pertains to the purpose and value of Resource Maximizer. Being proactively engaged in career networking that gains knowledge about alternatives both outside and inside one’s current situation provides employment insurance when facing unexpected career challenges. It’s a commitment easily achievable with the help and support of people willing to share their time and knowledge. I’m grateful to be a member of a group that helps each other reach their potential and dreams.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience, Janice! It’s great to hear that you have captured the concept and that you are also willing to help others. Your spirit is very much appreciated!

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