Interviewing is not all about you

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2 Responses

  1. Ralph Smith says:

    Re: Interviewing is not all about you

    Very nice read Sherri, thank you.
    I’m starting to do that, but my day i just way too short.

    I get 140 eMails a day, and use ‘rules’ to filter that down to about 80 technical. I maybe spend 1, 1.25 hours/day on that.
    I’m doing sweat equity work, about 25 hours/week.
    I’m getting technical interviews but not cinching the deal.
    ‘We found someone with more recent/more experience than you.’ is all too familiar. And it’s true.
    SQL DBA/Developers HAVE to start somewhere, but I’m not getting there.
    I’ve tried creative Craigslist postings, to no avail.
    Studying more, open sky studying of A…Z for three databases is not where I perform. I need a responsibility.
    And I need to get a permanent position or I lose my house come EOJuly; it’s a sell or pay my ex half the value.
    I’m up for spending more savings for the right workshop/1on1, but which?

    Thank you for your thoughts,

  2. Ralph,
    Probably not the right format for having this conversation. Please email me directly.