Attitude: Do You Have a Service-Driven Mind Set?

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  1. Dean Wolff says:

    Right On!!!

    You might want to add people that can hunker down, roll with the punches, and have the attitude of “I’m going to make this work! I’m not going to give up!” People who aren’t too afraid, too inflexible, or too proud to do something that isn’t quite what they want. Take that job while you continue to hunt for what you really want to do! It’s work! I believe that employers are likely to have a better attitude about somebody that is working while they’re hunting for work. Besides, it feels better to be working than not be working.

    I went through a very rough time in 1982. I was living in the Hermiston, OR area and had a young wife and two small children. A lot of people weren’t working but I collected 8 W-2’s that year. I didn’t have any of the sophisticated resources that we have up here in the Seattle area. I did it the old fashioned way – beat the bushes and look under the rocks! I had to focus on what I could do and not be afraid to try things. I got laid off of a few jobs for not meeting the employer’s standards but I got some valuable experience and some good practice at job hunting. Giving up and letting somebody do it for me was not an option and it is still not an option!

    Sorry folks! Sitting around, wanting people to feel sorry for you, not wanting to settle for anything less than that “perfect” job and waiting for the perfect job fairy to wave her magic wand and give it to you – these are not good options!