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It seems unemployment is up to almost 10%. Ok.. so what can you really do about it?

My job is to help my clients achieve their career goals. We discuss alternatives, and design plans. Of course, execution is up to them. Naturally, I observe and dissect people’s choices and behaviors to let them see how they may be their own worst enemies. It might be surprising to some, but how many people respond to unplanned events and changing circumstances is typically what really throws them off course and prolongs unemployment – not the status of the economy.

Planning ahead, prioritizing, and making sure all you do each day stays focused on achieving your most important objectives first, will be much more likely to lead you to achieving your goals, than expecting something external to change.

If you were asked these questions, what would your responses be?

1. How much of what you were doing today contributed to your employment goals?
2. Were your activities planned well ahead and prioritized?
3. How much of what you NEEDED to get done, actually got done?
4. What is in your control that you can change to get back on track? Are you willing to do it?

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