Social Media: Tools or Life Style?

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7 Responses

  1. Dan Johnson says:

    Agreed! If you’re gonna use social media for job searching, you REALLY should take time to learn the medium first. Then develop a clear plan and purpose to pursue. Without that in place, people are just gonna waste time trying unsuccessfully to use the tools. So, I hope people take your posting to heart and don’t just open an account, set up a profile and start raking in connections.

  2. Damian Shepard says:

    Yes (re: Dan’s comment’s) you most certainly SHOULD learn the medium.

    That is:First ask yourself “Who is reading?” Answer: Potentially anyone! And that means’s future employers too. So before you go posting info about a weekend drinking binge with friends, keep this factor in mind.

    Additionally if instead of beefing up your online presence, you’re spending the bulk of your time tweeting about a pair of shoes you’re thinking of buying or you’re on Facebook trying to earn more Mafia Wars points… then you are wasting your time.

    However, consider this Statistic – 70% of all Americans have access to the internet at home or at work and from that group an inordinate +90% of them search the web for initial information. That translates into: The more you are out there… the more you will be seen.
    SO: If you're on Linked'In and you have a GREAT looking profile which accurately reflects your work history and skill set, and you are connected to some key groups in your career field, then you are all set when a future employer Google's your name and finds you in their search. Event better, what if you also have a Twitter page & Facebook page which you intentionally keep professional (yet personal) and it is topical on your career field. Then… even better! What you have accomplished is Promotion & Placement for your product (=you).

    However, if you're spending the bulk of your time tweeting about a pair of shoes you want to buy or on Facebook trying to yet another easter egg…. then you're wasting your time when you should be looking for a job!

  3. Joseph says:

    I have been reading all these different ways to approach job searches, and that there are jobs out there.
    I have come to believe that is is a waste of time. None of this stuff works in in today's job market.
    For every job that is posted 300 people are going for the position.
    Companies are doing with less staff. This is the reality of what is going on at there.

  4. The Voice -- Dan Johnson says:

    I have to tell you… You've come to a bad conclusion. Your research is not the whole story. As one of Sherri's clients, I found a job through my network of friends and colleagues, NOT through posted job openings. So, despite the competition in the job market, there ARE jobs out there. Read up on it here.

  5. Resource Maximizer says:

    I don't believe we have met. I certainly do understand your frustration.

    My clients work with me to learn how to find unposted jobs. 85 % of the jobs that are available at any given time are filled through word of mouth, long before 300 people apply.

    The methods I teach do work. For posted listings, I have a process for my clients to follow that also produces results. Take a look at this blog entry for more info on what I'm seeing lately (8/2009). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    I also would be happy to provide references from clients of mine that have found jobs in the past couple of months. You can hear straight from the horse's mouth.

    Best regards,

  6. Joseph says:

    Well I am having a hard time believing this is true at this time. I have reached out to my network ,but nothing is there.
    I am may be at a disadvantage because I am changing career. I come from a sales background, and looking to move towards being a trainer to start. I would be very happy to have an entry level position to build on now that I have completed my masters.
    I am working right now ,but as a merchandiser, which got me though OSR. I am grateful to have the job,but time for me to move on so I can strengthen and use my skills.
    At this time I know I need to find a professional resume writer, but do not have the funds to do. I have worked on my resume ,but have come to a point were I need someone that can show the the skills I am transferring over.
    I am trying to understand all this new “social media” stuff.
    Love to take some of your classes, but again no funds for it.
    I do not things will start moving till next year.

  7. Joseph,
    It sounds like you need guidance in the development of a plan that will work in this economy and move you forward. The resume is not the answer in and of itself. What is needed is a strategy for accomplishing your goals, a plan that you can work – the resume is a component of that plan.

    In regard to the market, I expect that it will be a good deal longer before things start improving- well beyond the first of the year. To many,that means re-evaluating and adjusting their choices, expectations and time lines for what they want to do.

    Typically, when the motivation is great enough, people find a way to change their circumstances, which may include finding a way to get the help they need.

    Best regards,