Strategic Networking & Informational Interviewing 101

In-Person Workshop

$229 cost
6.5 hours duration

Space is limited:
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Wondered how to find out where the jobs really are? Have you chased postings or job lists without much success? Think you know what you want to do, but aren’t sure how to proceed, or if it is right for you?85% of all available jobs are filled by word of mouth referrals. Networking gets you into the hiring process before a position is ever posted. Valuable information about a company’s culture is learned from people already inside. They know the managers. They know the industry. They know the secrets. Networking is the key that unlocks access to jobs with promise and this webinar explains how. Learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself with confidence.
  • Identify resources, get leads and pursue opportunities.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Build your communication skills.
  • Understand networking courtesies.
  • Develop professional relationships.
  • Advance your career or a new business.