Interviewing Techniques 200 – Intensive

In-Person Workshop

$189 cost
3.5 hours duration

Space is limited:
Contact Sherri for dates and location.

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Do you want to ensure your interviews bring results? Are you still anticipating that long awaited ideal offer for employment? Your ability to succeed will increase when you practice your techniques. Build your confidence by preparing and role-playing responses to frequently asked interview questions. Receive feedback regarding your answers and learn how subtle changes may change your results. Learn how to:

  • Stay on track and refrain from rambling.
  • Avoid being thrown by odd or unusual questions.
  • Read and interpret an interviewer’s body language.
  • Clarify questions and ferret out concerns.
  • Stay focused on the goal. (Getting the offer!)

This workshop is an interactive group session dedicated to practicing the concepts learned in the Interviewing Techniques Workshop. Completion of the Unbeatable Interviewing Techniques Workshop within the previous 24 months is required.