Worth every penny!Resource Maximizer’s clients have universally credited Sherri Edwards as the reason for their career success.

Client Comments

“I always think to your advice to breath and not make rash decisions when you are in what seem to be desperate times. That was so many years ago and stayed with me so long. Thank you for that. I’ve very much appreciated your advice and help over these many years. Even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear!!”

“You are an amazing coach and I will attest to that to anyone Thanks much to you!”

“I also wanted to thank you for your assistance, particularly with the resume. When I found a recruiter who didn’t give me the “used car salesman” vibe to work with on this particular opportunity, he remarked upon how nice my resume was. “Usually I have to help clients rewrite their resumes, and I’m not going to have to touch yours at all. Well, maybe except to take the contact info off.”

“What everyone says about you is true: you are a genius!”

“I received (our company’s) corporate employee of the year yesterday…Clearly the hard work I have done while I have been working with you since ..is making a big difference in how I am perceived within my current company.”

“I want to say that it’s good to be working with you. We’re enough the same and enough different that we make a good team.”

“I really appreciate your enthusiasm and competitive spirit; just the kind of coaching I am looking for.”

Negotiating Compensation webinar: “Just an update. Received what I wanted. Thanks so much for the webinar!”

About your blog: “Love it – follow it monthly and refer others. That you respond to posts that go off track with suggestions for a different “frame” (attitude, approach, self check…) I think is the strength of what you offer vs. others I’ve seen. I am not unlike many others who get bombarded with blog suggestions and can’t make time for all of them – yours is on my A list.”

“I learned so much from you! You taught me the importance of accountability and I believe that is why I am successful now. I learned business skills: time management, how to approach things with a sharper focus and how to act professionally. Now I really feel like I have my act together. Thank you!”

“You’re better than a conscience!”

“You floor me! Every time we speak, I look at things differently. It’s like clearing a log jam in my head.”

“Thanks for all you do! I so appreciate your work. It has influenced me and what I do immensely.”

“Thank you for the reminders. As always, you are right.”

“Thank you for following up on my personal and professional/career health.”

“You are still that voice in my head that helps me to make career choices. I learned so much from you and it stuck!”

“I have made so much progress this year because of you.”

“THANK YOU for being a constant in my life. I would be drowning right now without you.”

“You may say things I don’t want to hear, but what you say always works.”

Client Testimonials

Raoul is an experienced manager who was new to the U.S., with only his savings from the Philippines to get by on until he landed employment. Even with those challenges, he says…

“I never regretted my decision to work with Sherri. She helped me re-construct my resume to make it more attractive, practical and relevant to the market needs. We had several phone conferences on my job search strategy as well as what to anticipate in interviews. Sherri helped by challenging the relevance of some of my own approaches and proposed alternatives in the process. She will speak her mind when she thinks that your thinking is not practical or would simply short-sell your abilities. My re-invigorated resume opened doors for me. In a period of one month, I received no less than a dozen responses and at least five phone screens for a sales representative position. Last year at this time I was promoted to a management position.”

Even clients with extensive technical backgrounds have benefited from Sherri’s effectiveness. Ken is a Senior Applications Scientist for a biotech company and he says…

“How can Sherri take a resume like mine, not know anything about the field, and do such magic? [referring to having successfully landing interviews, thanks to Resource Maximizer.] Sherri is worth every damn penny! Better than any investment portfolio, either short-term or long-term. We’re talking bankable returns in this economy. I recommend Sherri without reservation. I mean, really!”

And, Tina, who had this to say about her experience with Sherri’s workshops…

“I enjoyed your workshop a great deal. All of the topics resonated with me on levels I could not have anticipated and am slowly beginning to realize there is hope for me. You have a very professional and powerfully realistic approach, and I appreciate that. Thank you again for a push in the right direction!”

While Sherri is known for holding her individual clients accountable to the goals they set for themselves, she is also very compassionate and cares about their success. Here’s what one client said about her in this regard…

“Thank you for being who you are, because you are truly the type of woman I would want to be, and can be, with the right role model.”

A manager currently working in a turbulent and challenging environment that was riddled with conflicts, needed help navigating through the intense stress created as a result of the toxic situation. Sherri helped improve her client’s health, self image and self esteem by guiding her to successfully take control of the situation. She helped her client see beyond the misery of her current role, and capture a new job, at a higher level, with a sought after and admired team in another part of the country. Here is what Sherri’s client had to say after accepting the new job…

“Sherri, you are really accomplishing things for people! We all go through so much, and to have the support, the wake up calls…and yet still having the steady, realistic compassion is amazing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I would not have ‘surfed’ this situation so deftly had I not been ‘kicked in the butt’ and followed your coaching!”